15 December 2008

A special holiday treat from the orkut team

If there's one thing that the orkut team loves, it's the holidays. The twinkling lights, the cheerful music, the snow...(okay, maybe not snow for most of us), all make this one of the most magical times of year.

To help you share in the holiday spirit with us and all of your orkut friends, we've decided to try something new and (hopefully!) exciting this year: a special holiday page on orkut.

With this page you can create holiday parties using the events tool, send season's greetings to friends and relatives using photos and videos, and play with three fun, holiday themed apps.

Already excited? Check out this screenshot of the page now:

Working with the talented developers at BuddyPoke, StudioSol and Gartic.com, we've compiled a selection of three apps featuring special holiday promotions. Here's a quick list of the apps and a few details about all of the cool ways you can join in the holiday cheer:

  • BuddyPoke
    • Dance with Santa, kiss under the mistletoe, give presents to friends and much more
  • My Music
    • Check out a Christmas music playlist with your friends
  • Christmas Tree
    • Create and decorate your very own Christmas tree and send presents to friends
The holidays are all about sharing things with the people you care about, so be sure to tell your friends about the special holiday page on orkut. Just remember, this page will only be around for a few weeks, so be sure to visit it now. Hope your holidays are healthy, happy and safe!

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