30 December 2008

Tip: How To Change Text Orientation

In todays Photoshop Tip, I’ll show you how to change the orientation of your text between Horizontal and Vertical Type. Very useful for beginning users looking to learn more about the Type Tools.

The Vertical Type Tool

There is a Vertical Type Orientation as well as a Horizontal Type OrientationThe Horizontal Type Tool is probably one of the most common tools in Photoshop. It easily casts shadows over its sister tool, the Vertical Type Tool.

Wait… there’s more than one Type Tool?

Yup. You just hardly ever see it since it’s stuck behind the Horizontal Type Tool. Shouldn’t there be an easier way to switch between the two text orientations since the tools are so similar?

Quickly Change Type Orientation

There actually is a very simple way to change text orientation on the fly, without switching between tools, or recreating text.

Horizontal and Vertical Text OrientationsWhile you are working with some type in a document, you can switch back and forth all in one simple click by pressing the Change the Text Orientation button.

Change the Type Orientation in Photoshop

That sure makes things easier!

I should also note that this technique also works for switching between the Type Mask Text Orientations. Also, you can change the text orientation of an existing text layer by right clicking it in the in Layers Panel.

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