30 December 2008

20 Best Illustrator Tutorials & Articles of 2008

The year 2008 had been a exciting year for vector community and Illustrator enthusiasts, the contents of tutorials and articles got remarkably better which aimed collectively to help the new users or advanced alike to polish there skills whilst learning new tools and techniques!

Vectordiary brings you a compilation of best tutorials and articles published during the year 2008, we endeavored to bring together all such tutorials and articles which our readers might find interesting and helpful. We have split this into two categories, tutorials and articles. So without much-a-do lets first look at some of the best tutorials of the Year 2008:

1. Creating trees in Illustrator

This tutorial shows you that by taking a photograph of a tree, then tracing its natural form how you can add your own creative touches to produce an eye-catching, contemporary illustration.

2. Recolor artwork using Illustrator’s LiveColor

This tutorial talks about how you can recolor your artwork in Illustrator CS3 using the LiveColor feature.

3. Creating convincing characters

The ability to dream up and design cool, dynamic people is a good skill for any graphic designer to have under their belt, whether you’re basing whole graphic novels around them or just using them to add a quirky twist to flyers or T-shirt designs.

4. Creating vector characters in Illustrator

Characters can add a recognizable face to your work. This tutorial shows how to go from a sketch to a finished product in Illustrator.

5.Create a Blissful Vector Scene

This tutorial shows a process of creating your own simple vector scene from scratch.

6. Illustrator’s Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide

This comprehensive guide aims to introduce or remind you of features, shortcuts, and methods for working with what is arguably Adobe’s most essential tool.

7. Learn Illustrator CS3 in 30 Days

A 30 days Illustrator crash course which covers all the essential tools that are commonly used so that you can get started and have a feel of how illustrator works.

8. Symmetrical Illustration: Thug Bunny

This tutorial talks about the method of using symmetry in your artwork. Learn how to do half the work but still get the full benefit from your artwork.

9. Creating an Environmentally Friendly Green Type Treatment

The following Illustrator tutorial, teaches you how to create a Green type treatment. It works great for logos and other design elements.

10. Design Gift Boxes Using Illustrator’s 3D Tools

A Tutorial on how to quickly make wrapped and unwrapped gift boxes using Illustrator’s built-in 3D Extrude & Bevel effect. Learn how to make a fully editable 3D ribbon and masked 3D typography.

11. Create Web 2.0 Stickers

This tutorial shows you how to design nifty Web 2.0 Stickers.

12. Creating geometric patterns in Illustrator

This tutorial shows you how to create a geometric pattern shape and fill a background with it.

13. 5 steps for drawing complex vector sun rays

This tutorial shows you how you can quickly and easily make sun rays in Adobe Illustrator.

14. Building a Website Wireframe in Illustrator

This tutorial reviews some techniques for setting up your document for the web, quickly building rounded boxes for layouts, creating a repository of usable web elements, using callouts, and more.

15. How to Make a Delicious Vector Orange in 9 Decisive Steps

A tutorial on how to create a semi-realistic vector orange with simple shapes, tools, and multiple effects.

16. Creating a Crazy Cool Logo

Just as the title says, this tutorial shows you how you can create a cool attractive logo.

17. Create a Wire Fence

Learn how to create a wire fence from scratch using the Line tool, Zig Zag and combining this shapes to make a interesting wire fence in Illustrator.

18. How to Draw Your Own Vector Wings

This tutorial will lead you through the process of creating a nice set of vector wings to use in your own graphic design work.

19. Illustrator Tutorial: Surprise Gift

This tutorial walks you through the creation of a beautiful surprise gift highlighting the various techniques involved.

20. Create an envelope icon with a satin feel

This tutorial shows you how to use the basic tools of illustrator. For example gradient , rectangle, pathfinder and line to create a simple looking envelope.

Now, we will look at some of the most in depth and insightful Articles during the Year 2008:

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