18 December 2008

3D Euroleague logo in Corel Draw

Final image

Euroleague 3D Logo

Step 1

This is original image of Euroleague Logo.

Step 2

For start open new document and start drawing. Begin from the circle.

Step 3

Draw proporcional smaler circle inside.

Step 4

Color them, select toghether and use Trim option.

Step 5

Smaler circle will cut bigger one and only this will ring stay.

Step 6

Now start drawing inside. you can use original picture of logo, put behind and help to drawing.

This you will draw with Beizer Tool.

Step 7

To make proporcional up and down, just draw half of inside picture then duplicate and rotate.

Step 8

When you finish with drawing select toghether and use Weld option.

Step 9

This is what you get.

Step 10

Now select toghether all object and repeat Weld.

Step 11

With Extrude tool give the object 3D effect. Up in property bar you have more option what you can use.

We use option to rotate object.

Step 12

After giving 3D effect with right click of mouse select Break Apart.

Step 13

Now we begining to give some lighting effects.

First select front off logo and in Fountain Fill color him like this.

Step 14

Back to the black part of logo. Put cursor on him and with right click select Ungroup all.

Step 15

You will get this. This is important because you can color part for par.

Step 16

Select first part of black area and color him like in picture.

Step 17

Repeat with others parts.

Step 18

You can play with colors as you want.

Step 19

And this is 3D euroleague logo in Corel Draw.

Step 20

Ofcourse you can import him in Photoshop and continue playing.

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