27 July 2010

How to Use New Indian Rupee Symbol in your Computer

Now that the Indian rupee has an identity, the question is: how soon will our computer keyboards start reflecting it? Very quickly, it seems. Vendors say they will roll out the symbol as soon as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) sets the guidelines, since it takes only a minor software change to incorporate it.

It would be interesting to see which single-function key (Insert, Page Up, Page Down, Delete or some function key) will bear the rupee symbol. According to S Rajendran, chief marketing officer, Acer India, technically it's an almost inconsequential issue.

As Per the Reserve Bank of India New Rupee Symbol Entered into the Market but it’s Take some more time to Use it in your Computer or Laptop. But Be the First to use it In Your computer before other use it.

As You Know Users can’t type the Rupee symbol (like dollar symbol – $) using the standard keyboard as the unique code (ASCll) of the symbol hasn’t assigned by the Unicode Consortium. But here is one font – Rupee Font Version 2.0 which lets you type the Rupee symbol easily in Notepad, MS Word, WordPad etc. For this you need to download and install the font on your computer.

Here is an step by step Guide on how to use New Symbol in your computer

1. First download the Ruppe Foradian.tff file from here.

2. Go to your Control Panel and find Fonts folder. Copy and paste the downloaded file here.

installing indian rupee font in your computer

3. And you are done, now start using it.

Now when ever you want to type the new Rupee symbol, just select the Rupee Foradian font from the Font window in your application (example:- MS Word, Notepad, WordPad) .

How to type Indian Rupee symbol in your computer to show it in Office Applications and in other text editors

Indian rupee symbol in Excel

1.To type Indian rupee symbol open Ms Word

2Change font from time New Roman to Rupee Foradian select the Font size and click Ok to save changes.

2.Now hit ~ key below Esc button on keyboard to get Indian Rupee symbol in Ms Word ,you have to do similarly in Notepad also.


  1. Here is a better alternative font. It is Unicode.


    In this font, the rupee sign is mapped to Unicode Rs symbol, so if the font is not present in the PC where a document containing this symbol is viewed, then the old Rs sign will be shown, which is better then showing a accent sign in place of Rs sign.

  2. i want to send message that sir u have Dr/Cr Balance in your Account of (using Rupee Symbol)5000\- not in word or excel but form mesaaging software kindly give some needful advice thankyou...

  3. - 1st download font
    - save somewhere on your computer
    - move it to your windows font folder /install it
    - now while typing in any document choose font "Rupee Foradian"
    and press the key just above the TAB key, that is before 1 key.

    you will find the symbol

  4. Thnx yaar it was very helpful ...


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