15 December 2008

The Earth's Vital List: What are the 12 things you can't live without?

The orkut team has come across another cool app that we think many of you may enjoy using and sharing with your friends: 'The Earth's Vital List.' This app is part of a global digital campaign for Fox's remake of the 1951 film The Day The Earth Stood Still. The campaign mimics the film's premise— Earth and human life are threatened by extinction from an alien race of super-robot enforcers.

'The Earth's Vital List' app begs the question: If the Earth was under attack and you and your possessions could be protected in an alien sphere, what would you save?

With the app, you can build 'vital lists'– lists of 12 prized possessions that you would want to save from extinction on "The Day the Earth Stands Still". In building your list, you can upload personal photos of all of your must-have items. You can then share your 'vital list' with your friends, allowing them to comment and vote on the things you chose.

A global 'vital list' micro-site tabulates the votes across all social networks and languages and allows people to view how their items rank in comparison to the rest of the world. A countdown to the film's debut (12/12/08) will coincide with a special reveal on orkut displaying the final world's vital list of the top 1,212 prized possessions.

So check out the app and find out what things your friends and people all around the world just can't live without.

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