15 December 2008

orkut's never more than a click away

If you're anything like me, you probably spend a lot of time on orkut. It seems like no matter what I set out to do online, I always end up remembering a friend that I desperately need to scrap, finding a new set of photos that I absolutely need to check out, or getting an invite to an event on orkut that I simply can't miss. Whatever the reason, I'm usually busted by my coworkers with orkut open in at least two different windows at any given time. Thankfully, using orkut is a pretty important part of my job, so they usually let it slide. ;-)

With orkuteers like myself in mind, the Google Toolbar team has created a new version of Toolbar for Internet Explorer that makes it even easier to access orkut. With this new version, you can quickly and easily search orkut no matter what website you happen to be visiting.

To get started searching orkut from anywhere on the web, just go to the "Search" pull-down menu on the upper left-hand side of your screen and select "orkut". Now anytime you want to search for a term on orkut, you can just type it into the search box on your toolbar and voilĂ !, you'll go straight to the orkut search results page.

Google Toolbar also lets you add a custom orkut button to your toolbar that gives you one-click access to the orkut sign-in page.

To add an orkut button to your toolbar, just go to the Button Gallery and select 'orkut'.

For those times when I manage to use the Internet for things other than hanging out on orkut (it's a constant battle for me), I've found that Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer and for Firefox has a number of other cool new features worth checking out. Here are a few of my favorite features:

- Add gadgets to your Toolbar for easy access to content from your favorite websites
- Synchronize your settings online so you can use your Toolbar from any computer
- Create multiple profiles in AutoFill to keep your business and personal information separate

To learn about all of the different features that the new version of Toolbar offers, check out the Toolbar website: toolbar.google.com/features.

Have a Google Toolbar story that you want to share? Send the team a quick note, I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.

Hope this makes accessing orkut even easier and more fun!

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