13 January 2009

Realistic running water

This tutorial has very easy and simple steps to create this wonderful effect. Only step that is Warp transformation needs some practice.


1. Create a new file with dimensions 500*500pixels.

2. Create a new layer. Press d to sett default foreground and background color. Go to Filter->Render->Clouds.


3. Go to Filter->Blur->Gaussian blur. Set the radius to 6pixels. Then go to Filter->Blur->Motion blur. Set the angle to 90degree and distance to 80pixels. Next go to Image->Image size and set the following settings:


4. Go to Filter->Artistic->Plastic wrap and apply following settings:


Go to Filter->Sketch->Chrome and apply following settings:


5. Then go to Edit->Fade chrome and set blending mode to Hard light.


6. Go to Image->Image size and apply following settings:


7. Now go to Edit->Transform->Warp. Move the anchors so that it is shaped as running water. See the following image to get an idea:


Add some background color or gradient(It's better to use blue shade so that the effect looks realistic) and change the running water layer's blending mode to Hard light.


I have resized the water layer and used it with a tap.


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