9 January 2009

Professional business card-Photoshop

Hi, in this tutorial I'll show how I made this very cool business card with Photoshop, I used no external sources in this tutorial... everything is made from scratch.
End result:


step 1

Following the normative ISO 7810 ID-1 we size our card to this dimensions: 85.60 × 53.98 (in mm)
So our document has this size.
Create a new layer and fill it in black. Edit->fill

step 2

Create a new layer, take the ellipse shape tool (setting to stroke mode) and design an ellipse.
You can play with the shape changing the dimensions and the curvature like a normal layer with Ctrl+T...so you can use the transformation and the warp tool on that.
Search a nice round shape

step 3

Set the FILL of the layer to zero and then apply this outer glow

step 4

You can change and transform the layer as you want with the effects still active.

step 5

Create a new layer, take a custom shape tool: the grid.

step 6

Create a new layer, fill the shape in white and duplicating this layer with Ctrl+J (or with Alt+Click faster) create a bigger grid while reducing the size of the original one.

step 7

ok now you should have something like that

step 8

Now I applied a layer mask using a "black to transparent" gradient.
I did it for having an immediate feedback of what I was doing, but you can do it also later.
The important issue in Photoshop is to have the chance to return back, without making definitive changes: until you can turn back everything is allowed.

step 9

Now with the warp tool (pay attention if you're transforming the layer and not the mask) let's create a shape wich follows the cyan circles

step 10

Ok now, duplicating several times the two circles created in steps 2-4, create your favourite shape...is up to you and your style!! Get fun with the warp, the perspective, the distort tools...and even the Liquify if you want!!!
We're working with layer NOT rasteryzed so the effect of the glow remains the same indepentently from the shape of the layer.

step 11

ok now go on top and create a new layer. fill it in black, the go to filter->render ->lens flare and place in the right down corner.
Then apply a consistent Gaussian Blur (about 10)

step 12

Set the blending mode to Overlay and the opacity to 40%
(I made two with opacity 20%)

step 13

For the previous step I hide the grid layer for comfort, but now let's reveal it.
Some more masking is needed so let's do it with a soft big black brush. The task is to make it covering only the cyan "gradients" surface.

step 14

Ok set the opacity of the grid to 5%.
Why so low? Because the overlay make it brighter like as it is at 20% opacity

step 15

-Ctrl +A
Now we have a merged copy of our document on a new layer!
Let's set it to "color dodge" opacity 18%

step 16

Create a new gradient map layer (in the orange circle) and choose this gradient map. It's in the defaul of Photoshop.

step 17

Set the blending mode of this gradient map to "hard light" opacity 77% and on his layer mask draw a gradient with the "black to transparent gradient" (lol)

step 18

Now I typed some text with the usual infos: Address, numbers, e-mail, name,surname and society. EVERYTHING here in the text is only as example and made up by me so any reference to real is purely random.

The font is: "Berthold Akzidenz Grotexk"

Help yourself with the grid (View->show->grid) for the position of the text.

step 19

Now create a new layer just behind the text and create a rounded rectangle shape (radius 0,1 cm)
Then fill the layer in black

step 20

Apply these settings to this layer

step 21

Now: right click->convert to smart object, right click again->rasteryze layer.
Then apply a layer mask an with a soft black brush design this mask.

step 22

Ok now duplicate the "square layer" then reduce it: here we place the logo of our company.

step 23

And ok!! We place the "logo" and we're finished!
I opened the card in a new document, then applied some bevel e emboss and created a reflection with a layer mask, using a black to transparent gradient.
The reflection was also blurred with 1 of amount.

Hope you like it and learned something new!

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