25 January 2009

Making of Hecate

Making of Hecate


Hecate is the Greek goddess of the crossroads. She is usually seen with two ghost hounds that were said to serve her. Today she is often seen as a goddess of witchcraft and evil. Hecate is said to haunt a three-ways crossroad, each of her heads facing in a different direction. She is said to appear when the ebony moon shines.

But I would like to create something a bit different to the real myth, in my mind, there must be a round moon behind her. As in history, she is said to haunt a three-way crossroads but to create something different I'm going to put three keys in her hand. Hecate is the Greek goddess, with Greek traditional clothes, so I will give her a long skirt. I don't know why all the girls in my paintings are heartbroken; maybe there is a crack in my own heart...



I start out with a blank, white document. Following my original concept, I want to set my image in the night. She will have a light in her left hand with three keys, walking around the three-way crossroad under the moon. I was satisfied with the sketch.


Adding up

I draw the first color on a new layer. Picking out colors for a palette is a very good idea, even at the first stages of a painting. I put both a deep blue color and a skin color on this layer.

Beautiful Face

I keep drawing using my technique; my goal is to paint her face. I chose precious stone's blue color to light her eyes, the tear stream from her eye, her lips shut tightly.; I finished drawing the figure of the body and the skirt with colors. All at once, I want to attempt to change the colors to give my painting a different feeling and to make it prettier. To achieve this I used Photoshop's Color Balance to change the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. (Each group of colors could display a different mood; it's very difficult to give them up. But I choose the right side colors’ component.) With embellished hair and lips, the face's inharmonious part have been adjusted, the face is now basically complete.



Then I paint the mist in the background, my technique of painting is using Photoshop's brush called 'Airbrush Soft Round 17'to draw blue with different lightness and purity. Then using 'Smudge Tool(R)' and the brush 'Chalk 60 pixels', to draw this part. Now I can spent about 15 hours on my picture as 70% of it has been finished.

Decorative Pattern

In the remaining time I add some decorative Patten for the blue skirt. At first, I draw a Patten on layer named 'flower 1', set to 'Screen'. Set the copy layer named 'flower 1 copy' to 'Multiply'. Don't forget to erase edges.

Flying Birds

To make this picture lively, I will draw a bird under her right hand. Bird's feather should be drawn carefully, and then I must pay attention to the direction of the light.

Moon and Light

It took me around 4 hours to draw the moon and light in her hand, which has a glowing emerald inside. I also added some fireflies flying around the light.

About the Artist http://cabotinecco.cgsociety.org/

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