24 April 2010

Facebook Like Button Plugin

Facebook recently rolled out quite a few new features for social media interaction and my favorite of these updates is the New Facebook Like Button. Unfortunately Facebook overlooked the millions of Wordpress users out there and developed the functionality for this Like Feature into Typepad. I have developed the Facebook Like Button functionality into a Wordpress Plugin that can be downloaded here.

DownloadInstallation of this plugin is a snap
1. Download facebook-like-button-plugin.zip
2. Unpack and upload file ‘facebook-like-button-plugin.php’ to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’.
3. Head to your dashboard and activate the plugin.
4. That is all, the plugin is ready to go!

The plugin will look like this on your page:

Facebook Like Button

I have given the plugin a style id ‘facebook_like_button’ so you can control the look and feel of the plugin with css.

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