3 April 2010

Add A Free Forum To Your Blogger/BlogSpot Blog

I strongly recommend all the readers to bookmark this post. A forum is a must for every blog with increasing readership.

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Forums are entirely different from blogs. Forums let your readers interact with each other, create new topics/discussions and some of them even moderate the forums along with you.

1. Forum from Wikipedia.

2. The popular Digital Point Forums

A few weeks back, even I started a forum - BloggerStop-Community on a sub-domain of my website (main.bloggerstop.net).

[Please join and participate in BloggerStop Forums, if you haven't yet]

But in free Blogger/BlogSpot blogs, you are not allowed to create a sub-domain or even a new directory (an online folder). So hosting a forum seems impossible, but not anymore. Before you read any further, see these examples:

1. A Blogger Blog completely changed in to a Forum.

2. A simple (static) page on a normal Blogger blog, converted to a Forum.

Instructions to Add a Forum To Your Blog

STEP #1: Create and publish a new static page on your blog, exclusively for a forum. As an example, check out my forums-static-page here:


STEP #2: Create a new forum at Nabble: Free Forums at Nabble [You will do this within 5 minutes]

STEP #3: Copy the HTML code and paste it in to a HTML/JavaScript widget in your blog. [Blogger Dashboard -> Layout -> Click on Add a Gadget and select it as HTML/JavaScript]

STEP #4: Drag and place this widget just below your blogs header.

If you are unable to drag and place the widget below the header, then make sure that your blog allows you to place more than 1 widget in your blogs header-zone; find this code in the template:

<b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='no'>

change maxwidgets='1' to maxwidgets='2'.

Now you will be able to drag the widget to your header zone.

STEP #5: Now use this method to display this widget only in your Forums/Community (STATIC) page: show widgets only in specific pages

Save your template.

That's it, a new forum on your blog is ready.

Now, Invite your readers and friends to join you at your forums.

NOTE: If you want to replace an entire blog with a forum, as shown in the first example (Forum In A Blogger Blog), then, first create a new blog. Download the template as a backup. Now, replace everything between the BODY tags in the template:







with the code copied from Nabble. So your template, code will look something like this:



<a id="nabblelink" href="http://n3.nabble.com/BloggerStop-Demo-Forums-f*****.html">BloggerStop Demo Forums</a>

<script src="http://n3.nabble.com/embed/f*****"></script>



And save the template.


1. OnPause Community
2. KSRTC Fans Community

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