18 March 2010

Best of ‘3D Studio Max’ Tuts

Modeling Nokia 5800 Phone in 3D Studio Max (Video Tutorial)


This tutorial dedicated for beginner and intermediate 3d studio max users, here you’ll learn how to create a realistic Nokia 5800 xpress music phone quickly. All techniques shown at this tutorial can be applied to other 3d application easily. And the methods of making the phone itself are fast, and very efficient. Though the resulting [...]

Making Realistic Gold, Silver and Copper Materials in 3DS Max

Making Realistic Gold, Silver and Copper Materials in 3DS Max

This tutorial will guide you step by step to create gold, silver and copper materials on 3d studio max. This tutorial could be practiced both of the beginner and professional 3d max users. Here you’ll learn how to set up and mix the RGB color, reflection, specular, index of refraction fresnel, and fall-off. to create [...]

Create Amazing 3D Poster Design using 3D Max and Photoshop


This tutorial will guide you step by step creating an amazing poster design using 3d studio max and Adobe Photoshop, 3d studio max used to make a 3d text and then 80% you’ll work using adobe photoshop, you can use this similar technique to create a flayer, posters, or invitation for promotes a company or [...]

Modeling Realistic Jungle Environment using 3D Studio Max


This is a tutorial how to make a jungle view complete with tree, grass and the hut, you can learn about some techniques that was used in creating the jungle scene in 3ds Max 9 to create another model depend on your creativity.

Modeling Minimalist Bedroom with 3D Studio Max

Step by step tutorial to modeling a minimalist bedroom using 3d studio max, you must have basic skills of 3d studio max and familiar with Radiosity to complete this tutorial, helpful tutorial for interior designer, or Architect. You can download the max files for free.

Video Tutorial - Create Realistic Interior Rendering Using Mental Ray

Video tutorial to create an artistic and realistic interior design views using Mental Ray. The video duration is 12 minutes. It’s soundless video tutorial and will explain you how to use Sunlight, Skylight in the daylight interior scene and render through mental ray. The designer also will show you how to correct the color after [...]

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