25 June 2012

Reasons Why the Right Typography Font is Important for Logo Designing

Typography font is very useful when it comes to designing. It is used in every design project one does. You can see it on websites, business cards, posters, CD covers, billboards, and many others. One design would certainly not be complete without this element. Of course, a logo also makes use of typography font. But is it really important to choose the right font? Or can one just merely look on how beautiful it can appear? Is the visual impact all that matters? Or are there other aspects that one needs to look into?
Designing a logo is already a challenge for designers on how it can confidently stand on its own despite all the other brands around it. Part of that challenge is how one can choose the right typography font for the logo design. It is of course necessary to use the right one. For today’s post, we will give you the reasons why one needs to use the right typography font for logo designing. Take a look at these reasons below:

1. For an effective branding.

For an effective branding
Image: Dan Sensecall
Above all else, the branding should be the number one priority for it is the purpose of having a logo. Using the right font would make your branding more effective. The logo would even be more recognizable and would serve its purpose really well.

2. It gives the right message.

It gives the right message
Image: Mavleeb
It is always important that a logo can give the right message to those looking at it. No one would like to give a wrong impression because it would boomerang to the entire company. Hence, it is important to use the right typography font in creating a logo so that it can tell the users what it intends to tell them. It wouldn’t be good to be misinterpreted to be something else when it comes to branding.

3. It gives a big impact.

It gives a big impact
Image: Jsae
With the right type, you can also give a big impact to those viewing it. Aside from the visual impact, the logo becomes more effective in the industry. Hence, it creates a good impact to the target audience for they can relate to the type being used. It is significant to have a good impact to the target audience because that is the time you will begin building trust to your brand.

4. It adds more appeal.

It adds more appeal
Image: Jpdegregorio
Of course, appeal would always be included in the top reasons. No one would like to have a logo that doesn’t look appealing. So, create one not just with the right typography font but also with good design. A good design can make the brand more effective and successful for people opt to go with those that looks pleasing than those that are poorly done.

5. To be unique.

To be unique
Image: AlexWende
Every logo design is unique, if not, then it would not be able to give you a good branding. Some might mistake you as another business because it is similar to theirs. Using the right type can help you to make your logo unique and different. There are so many brands,websites and businesses around the globe. It is only through your logo design and good branding wherein you can set a distinct name and reputation from the rest.

6. It is attention grabbing.

Supervise model’s hair and makeup
Image: Jan Zabransky
A logo has to get the attention of its target audience in order to drive them into what the business or website is offering. It has to mark in their minds so that they can easily determine that it is yours. Part of making it attention grabbing is by using a font type that is right for the company. Using the wrong one can only give a wrong impression. It might still get the attention of the audience but not for a positive reason.

7. It shows your type of industry.

It shows your type of industry
Image: Jan Zabransky
There are so many industries that one company may belong. Your logo can tell the audience what industry you are from merely by the use of your type. Typographic logo or not, if your logo use type on some parts of it, it can still play a huge role for the entire effect of the logo. It would be a lot different if the logo is for a design or arts company and for that of a film company. See to it that you know when to use sans serif, decorative fonts and cursive fonts. Let your type tell the audience what the company or website is.

8. It gets across the target audience.

It gets across the target audience
Image: Robin Maatman
People who look into your website and the clients of your business can more easily be reached when your branding is good. Part of having a good branding is having a good logo design with the right typography font. Since you will be able to give the right message well and manage to make it look appealing, no doubt, you’ll get the audience you want.

9. It brings trust.

This is very much important. No matter how good your logo is and how suitable the type you used, it would still be useless if you cannot get the trust of the audience. Gaining trust begins on your branding which means that it includes your logo design. Make your logo well and it can help you reach your goals.

10. It brings better recognition.

It brings better recognition
Image: Pop Andrei
Let your logo design stay in the minds of the readers. You can do that by using the right type and having a good design. They will be able to associate your services and products to your brand. Once they see it, they know it yours and they’ll know that you can be trusted. Of course, along with having a good logo is having the right attitude towards the clients. You should also remain as professional as possible.

It’s Your Turn Now

Some might think that their choice of font styles for their logo design doesn’t matter. But it does. We do hope that this article helped you to chew on the importance of using the right typography font. Have you done any logo designing project wherein you needed to look for the right type? How did you end up with one? Share to us your experience.


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