21 July 2009

Making of between past & future

This was two shots on a small animation I did for a tv channel, the concept behind this
animation depends on the slogan of the channel, which is "Our screen takes you to
Paradise" ... from that point I tried to make my animation shows that idea, so I made
the old scene looks so old and the second scene gives the feeling of a clean and beautiful
place, and you will see the animation on the end of the tutorial...so this is the concept,
let's go through the work ...

For the modeling I used editpoly on the most of the scene modeling, for the pot I made a
line and used lathe modifier.

The modeling of the flower was so easy, for the brunch I made a cylinder, but it looks like
the final result when I rig it .... The leaves are simple plans, then edit poly and shell/bend
modifiers (I used bend lately on the animation also) ... For the flower I used also plans on
editpoly with bend and shell modifier. The room is just a box with 2 faces deleted ...
just that simple.

I used two light sources on that scene, the first one is a spot light with 1.3 multiplier and
light orange color, the second one is an omni with 0.8 multiplier and orange color ... I
placed them on the scene as you see...

I made the textures on Photoshop using some brushes and some textures from some
textures sets... The scene rendered with VRay with the skylight enabled, and with some
color correction on After Effect -here is the final result...

You can see the final animation on that link:

Thanks for reading... and I hope that you enjoyed the making of this simple scene.

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