3 June 2009

Easy Glass Effects in Two Minutes-Illustrator

Tutorial Gratification in Two Minutes

Illustrator Tutorial - Easy Glass Effects with Gradient Mesh

More About the Mesh

Change the color of a mesh point

Method 1 - Use Direct Selection Tool (The white arrow), select the mesh point, then choose your swatch

Method 2 – Drag the swatch to the mesh point

Remove unwanted mesh line segments

Method 1 - Using Mesh Tool holding down the Alt/Option key, click on a mesh line to deleteManipulate Mesh Select any point on your mesh with the Mesh tool and you’ll notice that directional lines appear. Grab a directional handle to move a directional line and you’ll alter the contour of the mesh line and, as a result, alter the direction in which the color of the selected point and the colors of the surrounding points blend into each other.Save Symbol LibraryUnzip and Save .ai file to: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS3\Presets\SymbolsSave From with Illustrator

  1. Open the file -> go to your symbol’s panel
  2. From the Symbol’s Fly-out Menu-> Choose Save Symbol Library
  3. Save the new library to the default Symbols folder. The library name will automatically appear in the Symbol Libraries submenu and the Open Symbol Library submenu.If you save the library to a different folder, you can open it by choosing Open Symbol Library > Other Library from the Symbols panel menu. Once you open it using this process, it will appear in the Symbol Libraries submenu with the other libraries.

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