21 April 2009

Blogumus for your Flickr Photos!

Roy Tanck's Flickr Widget requires Flash Player 9 or better.

If you enjoyed using Blogumus - the animated flash-based widget to display your blog labels - then I'm sure you'll love Roy Tanck's latest widget creation: an animated, cloud style Flickr widget! You can see an example of this in action on the left which uses my Flickr Photostream.

Roy's widget is very easy to customize and add to your blog. Simply visit the Flickr Widget page and use the form to add your Flickr photostream feed URL, then choose the dimensions and background color for your widget.

Once you're done, press the "Generate code snippet" button to be presented with a preview of your widget and the code. You can then paste this code into an HTML/JavaScript widget in your sidebar, or even directly into a blog post (as I have done here).

Roy Tanck created the original WP-Cumulus widget upon which my Blogumus widget is based. He has done a fantastic job in creating this widget. It uses a much smaller file size than the Blogumus/WP-Cumulus widget and doesn't hog nearly as much of your computer memory!

I hope you enjoy using this widget to enhance your own Blogger powered blogs! Let us know what you think about Roy's Flickr widget by leaving your comments below.

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